We have been working with Gareth Rhys for the past 18 months leading into the London 2012 Olympics.  In this time we have seen the best training record to date, with personal best scores being achieved in competition and time lost to injury at its lowest ever.  Gareth’s approach to his work is both meticulous and thorough, leaving no stone un-turned to ensure results are achieved.  We have received a truly world class service which has enabled us to qualify our athletes to compete in London 2012.  We look forward to working alongside Gareth to help produce successful Olympians of the future.

Steve Gladding,           Olympic Diving Coach

"Gareth Rhys has played a major part in my London 2012 campaign.  He has been integral to me qualifying for the Olympics and without him I would not have been able to complete the workload required to compete on a World Class stage.  When other practitioners had given up hope and were unable to gain results, Gareth found new and innovative ways to enable me to train at an optimum level and to achieve some of the best results of my career.  I have found Gareth’s approach to be logical and methodical, giving sound reasoning for all aspects of my treatment.  It has been an absolute pleasure to have Gareth within my support team, he is unquestionably the best practitioner I have ever worked with.  Thank you x

Monique Gladding,       Olympic Athlete”

My name is Nick Robinson Baker and I am a triple European and World finalist and double Olympic finalist.

I have been competing at the top of my game now for a number of years and as an elite athlete have needed a lot of support along the way.

About 4 months before the London 2012 Olympics I gained a lot of issues with my back, which as you can imagine so close to the games, was not where I needed to be at that point in time. I had heard of a certain someone through other athletes and also my coach and fellow diver Monique Gladding that Gareth Rhys was the man to see.

Gareth has a very relaxed way of treating you and always talks you through every movement he makes so you completely understand his work. I would like to say he has magic hands as I was struggling with my back quite a lot and Gareth really helped make it the best it can be and also helped maintain sustainability up to and throughout the Olympics.

 I owe a huge thankyou to Gareth as without his help and hard work, my Olympics would not have been as amazing as it was and I wouldnt have competed as well as I did

 I would recommend anyone with any issues to go and see Gareth as I am sure his magic hands will work on you too

 Nick Robinson Baker,            Olympic Athlete and Lifestyle Consultant

Over the past few years I have tried every alternative therapy as well as physio and treatments from my doctor. I have had severe pains in my hip and leg. I think Lone Kristensen is fantastic. I am free of pain after attending her clinic. I think she is brilliant at her profession i have complete faith and trust in her. 

Mrs Joan Eyre

After over forty years of having back pain and also a a lot of persuasion, i decided to make an appointment with Lone Kristensen in Sheffield at the chiropractic centre and what a difference it has made. My back was x rayed first and Lone could identify where the problem was, after treatment i am free of pain. Lone is brilliant at her job.

A big Thank You

Douglas Eyre

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